BPI Inc. and its subsidaries offer cutting edge software development, design and data analysis

BPI Inc. is an investment and software development firm that boasts the biggest names in healthcare and government as its customers. We leverage our patented intellectual property to solve inefficiencies in document analysis across multiple industries.


Software Development


BPI creates software for Healthcare and Government bodies to help improve their delivery of services. We also collaborate with, and invest in, the brightest local technology startups to propel their growth.



BPI's team of experienced, technical and seasoned consultants provide the resource you need for intelligent strategy.

Data Analysis 


BPI offers licensed and custom-built dashboard solutions for business metric analysis across multiple industry verticals.


In the heart of Vancouver, BC


“Thank you for your immediate attention to our action items, and really appreciate your prompt and thoughtful deliverables. Thanks again for being such a great partner!”


Some of our clients include: